Capcom vs. SNK is a series of two Capcom-developed tag-team-based fighting games that - as the name suggests - features characters from both rivaling companies, primarily Street Fighter and King of Fighters series.

Groove System

A notable trait of the series' system is that it allows players to chose from variety of fighting styles called "grooves" (2 in CVS1, 6 in CVS2 not including the EX-Groove) that dictates the behavior of the power gauge as well as a number of subsystems (taken from various fighting games) grafted onto the system deriative of Street Fighter Alpha series.

In M.U.G.E.N, Warusaki3 is one of the first Mugen authors to implement a groove system in a CVS conversion, and it was later passed on CVS conversions from later authors like H" and Jesuszilla


In terms of mobility, C,A,P grooves give the character an ability to dash forward, while S,N,K has running and variable jumps (also given by the P move).

  • C-Groove
Based on Street Fighter Alpha 3's A-ISM, this groove gives a fast-charging power gauge with three power stocks and three levels of super combos. Fighters with this groove can dash, roll, perform guard cancel attacks, guard mid-air and are capable of easier super canceling.
  • A-Groove
A mixture of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha 3's A-ISM, this groove gives a moderately charging 2-stock power gauge that can be used for Lv.1 super combos and a subsystem called Custom Combo (PZPlusKC when a power bar is full), which for a period time allows the fighter to cancel any move more easily. Fighters with this groove can also roll, perform guard cancel attacks and safe falls.
  • P-Groove
Based on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, this groove gives a single stock power gauge with Lv.3 super combos. The primary gimmick of this groove are Parries, that allow with strict timing to stop the opponent's attack and counter it. It also grafts a variable jump system similar to the KOF series.
  • S-Groove
Based on early King of Fighters games, this groove features a single stock power gauge that has to be manually charged with a power charge (hold PZPlusKC) and is held for a limited amount of time, used for Lv. 1 supers. Shall the life go low enough, the Lv. 1 supers would no longer use any power, being used instead for Lv. 3 supers. It also grafts the fighter with a stationary dodge maneuver complete with an optional counter attack, as well as guard cancel attacks and the KOF jumping system.
  • N-Groove
Based on the advance mode from King of Fighters 98, this groove features a 3 stock power bar used either for Lv. 1 supers, for guard cancel attacks and for a MAX mode power-up that grants 20% damage/defense boost as well as an ability to do Lv. 3 supers. Fighters with this groove can also roll, even while guarding.
  • K-Groove
A mixture of systems from Samurai Shodown and Mark of the Wolves, this groove features a single stock Rage bar that only fills up whenever a fighter gets hit or Just Defends with proper timing. Shall the gauge fill up, the fighter is granted with a signifficant attack boost and an ablility to do Lv. 3 supers before the rage bar fades out.
  • EX-Groove
The home ports of Capcom vs. SNK 2 also allowed players to create their own grooves while picking their own mix of systems, subsystems and power gauges. In M.U.G.E.N however, only Jesuszilla's CVS characters allow the user to customize the EX-Groove in his characters' assorted config files. With conversions from other authors that implement the CVS groove system, this groove basically grants all of the subsystems from all 6 grooves.



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