Cfalconsmall Captain Falcon
Author Name Kamekaze
Origin Super Smash Bros.
Graphics Origin M. Bison as he appeared in Snk vs Capcom: Chaos
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2010
Version June 3th, 2013
Mugen Version 1.0

Kamekaze's Captain Falcon is an obvious M.Bison/Vega/Dictator edit was made using sprites by a author known as G.M. Spectre. The style of this character has remained semi-consistent over the years and is one of the characters that despite the sprites Kamekaze is quite proud of. The style this character is in is known as "Faux-Anime", this is because it uses a mesh of features from various doujin games and arcsys fighters. It is notorious for keeping Falcon Punch as one button ala Super Smash Brothers much to the dismay of the M.U.G.E.N. community for some reason.



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