Dragonclawsmall Dragon Claw
Author Name Reu
Updated By Phantom.of.the.Server
Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2005
Version 1.1, 2006 (Final update by Reu)
Mugen Version winMUGEN, updated for 1.0 by PotS

Dragon Claw is a completely original character conceived, modeled in 3D Studio Max, digitized and coded by a noted Singaporean creator Reuben Kee, first released in 2005 and updated once in 2006, to be later posthumously updated for compatibility with Mugen 1.0 by Phantom.of.the.Server.


Dragon Claw is a fast melee-oriented fighter that deals damage with long quick strings of highly cinematic combos. He has a variety of options for getting around projectiles and pressuring his opponent into his hit zone. Contary to how his AI makes him look, he requires significant amount of practice to use him effectively, and his cancels aren't actually as loose as it may appear.

A notable subsystem that is also present in Reu's other characters is the Meta Super Special Moves system, which enhances Dragon Claw's super moves after cancelling three super moves together. Performing a super move outside of super cancel combos also has a 10% chance of activating a MSSM version.


  • Homing Flight - QCBK
DC jumps to a wall of his side and propels himself to the direction of the opponent, followed with any basic air attack. The strength of the button determines how fast he propels, and his flight trajectory can be altered by holding a direction by the time he starts his flight.
  • Crescent Moon Slash - FDDFP
DC leaps and does a series of spinning slashes. Effectively an anti-air attack.
  • Sun Blast - mid-air, QCFP
DC does a firey twirling dash attack that goes through his opponent. He can twirl backwards if he holds a direction when he's about to twirl.
  • Flash Step - QCBP
DC does a quick dash attack that passes through his opponent and the latter's projectiles.
  • Counter Blow - QCFK
A counter attack that upon counter has Dragon Claw teleport to a position specified by a button strength, effectively setting him up for an air-combo.

Super Moves

  • Heaven's Sword - QCBQCBK
DC jumps to a wall of his side and propels himself up, then drop down onto the opponent. His flight can catch the oppoent up.
  • Full Moon Slash - QCFQCFP
An enhanced variant of Crescent Moon Slash that has him spin the blades forwards.
  • Flash Burst - QCBQCBP
DC does a dash attack that passes through his opponent which also adds an extra hit shall he score a hit.
  • Sun Cry - QCFQCFP
An enhanced variant of Sun Blast.
  • Flame Wisp - hold PYPlusKB at full power
DC Summons a flame wisp that flies around him and assist him with attacks until the powerbar gets depleted.