Kdudleysmall Dudley
Potrait used by Kamekaze's conversion
Author Name Kamekaze
Also converted by Tin
Origin Street Fighter III
AI? yes
Date of first public release September 21th, 2010
Version 3.3 June 3th, 2013
Mugen Version 1.0

Dudley is an english black gentleman that fills the boxer archetype in Street Fighter III series. Few mugen creators took on converting this character to Mugen, with this article focusing mostly on Kamekaze's version.


Kamekaze's conversion - titled in the readme as Kame-Groove Dudley - comes bundled with three different gameplay modes, these being a mode based on his appearance from Third Strike, a mode based on his appearance from Second Impact and a customized mode that is now known as Kaze-style.


All of the description is based on Kamekaze's version

  • Machine Gun Blow - HCFP
Dudley dashes in and delivers a flurry of punches. The strength of the button determines how far he dashes, how soon and how many punches he'd deliver
  • Cross Counter - HCBP
Dudley assumes a fake dizzy stance that would have him deliver a damaging punch shall he get hit in this stance. The strength of the button determines for how long Dudley would assume the stance (stronger versions going for shorter) and - when in 3rd Strike and 2nd Impact modes - how damaging the counter would be. It should be noted that Dudley still takes damage after this counter.
  • Jet Upper - FDDFP
An anti-air uppercut with invulnerability frames.
  • Ducking - HCFK
Dudley dashes low enough to have his hitboxed only cover up to knee from bottom - or be unhittable if he's in Kaze-Style. Can be followed up with a P for a straight punch or K for an uppercut.
  • Short Swing Blow - HCBK (Third Strike and Kaze-Style modes only)
Dudley dashes back - being unhittable during this dash - then follows up with a gut punch
  • New Wave Raucous - QCBK (Second impact mode only)
Dudley jumps high to a position determined by the strength of the button and drops down with a spinning downwards uppercut.

Hyper Attacks

The commands for the hypers noted in this list are based on how they are performed in Kaze-Style. In 3rd Strike and 2nd Imapct modes all of the hypers are performed with a QCFQCFP

  • Rocket Uppercut - QCFQCFP
A tripple Jet Upper not unlike Ken's Shoryu Reppa
  • Corkscrew Blow - QCBQCBP
A dashing multi-hit punch with brief invincibility frames.
  • Rolling Thunder - QCFQCFK
Dudley dashes in and delivers a series of body blows finished with an uppercut. In 3rd Strike and 2nd Imapct modes the move can be extended for 4 additional hits by rapidly pressing P.

Other notable versions

  • He was first converted by japanese creator Tin, based on his appearance from Third Strike
  • Buckus made a Capcom vs. SNK stylized conversion of the character in 2011.


  • As of the time of this revision, Kamekaze patched his Dudley about 34 times.