An edit of Stephen Gammell's illustration for The Dead Hand used as the portrait
Type joke
Author Name The Doritos Factory
Origin Kasumi Ninja
AI? see the article
Date of first public release April 1st, 2012
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Evil Angus - also known as STREET FIGHTER IS BORING YOU IDIOTS by the displayed in-game name - is an April Fools character released by The Doritos Factory in 2012. A deliberately low quality effort, he straddles the line between being a Kung Fu Man spriteswap and a unique character in it's own right.

While he does have AI, as of current version it only uses very little of his moveset (he only does the standing light punch, jumping hard punch, throws and two special moves) as no effort was taken in programming it.


  • Power Stocker Sword Strike - QCFPY
E.Angus does Shang's unused sword slash. It passes through target if used point-blank.
  • Ninja Shit - QCFPX
A spinning attack that moves forward and can hit in both directions.
  • Explosao das Costas - QCBPX
E.Angus does Johnny Cage's spine breaking fatality, exploding the opponent (or Baraka if the grab doesn't connect) into pieces that also hit. Johnny Cage then shifts his position a bit in his winpose, referencing a glitch.[1] After the grab part the character is completely invincible until the move ends.
  • What Makes Mr. Death So Rock Hard - QCBPY
E.Angus throws a rock-like projectile.
  • The Masters Headbutt - FFPY
A Dashing headbutt that wires the opponent.
  • Meet Sparq - FFPY
E.Angus transforms into Prince Sparq (a character from the cancelled Atari Jaguar fighting game Thea Realm Fighters, portrayed by Daniel Pesina) doing advancing series of lightning kicks. The move would also make it's way into Kokesz, complete with the "MY REBOOKS!" sample.

Super Moves

  • bigmakaryudo3-01_chunk_1 - QCFQCFP
E.Angus transforms into Makaryudo and charges at the opponent for up to a 148-hit combo, but keep in mind that it does more damage blocking the attack than actually getting hit by the attack.
  • I Like This Teen Blowjob - QCBQCBP
Description to be added later


  • MelvanaInChains expressed interest in making an actual Angus conversion as he was the one to rip the sprites, however as Melvana was busy with other projects, The_None took on converting the character out of his rips.



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