Cevilryusmall MVC EOH C. Evil Ryu
Author Name Arpa
Origin Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK, Death Cargo
Gameplay Origin Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes
Graphics Origin Capcom vs SNK 2 with FX from like a million other games
AI? Yep. By Adamlexus
Date of first public release 2011
Version 420% complete!
Mugen Version WinMUGEN


MVC EOH C. Evil Ryu (Once stood for Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes Casual Evil Ryu, currently stands for Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes Custom Evil Ryu) - or just C. Evil Ryu for short - is a character that is designed to be satire of other characters made by authors that put their own (Often ill-concieved) ideas before the character's functional identiy. He views this as the same common downfall of fan fiction. It also parodies other subjects that have come up during its development, like Necrostorm's upcoming game: Death Cargo. Furthermore, Arpa mocks a common attitude of the authors that make these characters in the read-me of this Evil Ryu.



A Ryu that only MUGEN could allow you to experience

This character has been worked for nearly two years. However, Arpa finds that none of the subjects C. Evil Ryu parodies upon his initial release and still to this day are outdated, much to his disappointment and amusement.

The True Read-Me

This character includes a second read-me written in a certain language. The content of the read-me contains development related trivia as well as personal annotations of C. Evil Ryu's various features.