Maxinesmall Maxine
Type Original
Author Name Andres Borghi
Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2007
Version 1.1, June 19th, 2007
Mugen Version winMugen

Maxine (not to be confused with Maxime) is a character conceived by Maximo Perez, sprited and coded into Mugen by Andres Borghi. This character is notable for being one of first ever commissioned Mugen creations, with Borghi being paid $2200 to do this character.



  • Cell Throw - QCFP
Maxine throws her cellphone from a seemingly limitless supply of them. Button strength determines the angle of the thrown projectile.
  • Twist - QCBP
Maxine does a roundhouse punch.
  • Multikicks - QCFK
Maxine does a series of side kicks. Button strength determines how far she'd advance.
  • Rising Kicks - QCBK
A flying kick. Button strength determines the angle of the flight.

Hyper Moves

All of the moves listed in this section requires one power stock unless noted otherwise.

  • Super Mic - QCFPXPlusPY
A human-sized speaker comes down from the sky and Maxine screams to the microphone, emiting a huge blast through the speaker. Has quite a bit of a startup time.
  • Rockette - QCBPXPlusPY
An autocombo initiated by a hoping knee.
  • Puppy Army - QCFKAPlusKB
Maxine calls an attack of what the name implies. While not as powerful of a ranger super as the Super Mic on it's own, the puppies are low-blockable and the recovery time is low enough for Maxine to be able to attack alongside the puppies. The pattern of the army is completely randomized.
  • David - QCBKAPlusKB
Maxine hops with an unblockable knee attack. Shall it hit, Maxine calls in her boyfriend to destroy the opponent in a blackout sequence. This move requires three power stocks and she must be up to 25% of her health.