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MelvanaInChains is an American creator most notable for her penchant for converting characters from lesser-known fighting games, along with creating jokey characters from time to time, such as Alter Amiba. She is also slightly involved with the Japanese community and has some contact with a few authors from there (NGI, mass, NS, etc) since those particular authors mainly prioritize in obscure sources too.

She considers herself to be more proficient with ideas and brainstorming compared to actual coding, and usually collaborates with other authors to put on the finishing touches, such as additional AI coding and fine-tuning a few moves. Unfortunately, this also leaves many of her projects stuck in development.

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  • When it comes to her coding abilities, in the MUGEN community she tended to be overshadowed by The_None, who programmed two of her characters. A interview with Salty himself managed to invert this however, having mentioned Melvana as being one of his favorite authors.[1]

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