Osmariosmall Old School Mario
Author Name N64Mario
Origin Mario Teaches Typing 2
AI? no
Date of first public release May 30th, 2005
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Old School Mario refers to N64Mario's take on Nintendo's Mario that uses scaled and filtered sprites from the Interplay-developed Mario Teaches Typing series of educational games. As the name suggests, his gameplay style is modeled after the Super Mario Bros. games, with his attacks consiting of jumping and random assists from his opponent.


Being slightly modeled in gameplay style to Super Mario Bros., this character attacks with two kinds of jumps. A noted trait of this character is the regular hit states being replaced with his SMB-style "death" (he falls off the screen while stopping time) every time he gets hit (all while taking a damage of a single hit that hits him) before respawning with some invincibility time, which has a side-effect of making multi-hit moves ineffective against this character, as well as throws outright useless (he enters his "death" state even after just being "thrown", negating all damage throws would inflict on him).

He's also accompanied with random "assists" of enemies from the Mario franchise, including Big Bertha that can swallow characters whole in a single gulp. His assists can harm any player, including Mario himself.


  • Coin Punch - P
A multi-hit anti-air attack that has Mario jump and hit his opponent with his rising fist.
  • Jump Stomp - K
Mario jumps on the position of his opponent. Pressing K right on landing on the opponent grants extra damage boost and makes the move unblockable.

Super Moves

  • Super Uppercut - PXPlusPY
A rising punch that sends his opponent below the surface, and thus the round continues underwater, replacing one of his random assists as well as his regular jump wtih swimming in the process.
  • Super Jump - KAPlusKB
Mario jumps on the position of his opponent. Pressing K right on the moment of impact with his opponent allows for yet another bounce on his opponent, potentially destroying his opponent in a single super if Mario's user is exceptionally good with timing.