Othsmall Omega Tom Hanks
Author Name Neo Ankh, with spritework by ShinRyoga
AI? no
Date of first public release 2003
Mugen Version DosMUGEN

Omega Tom Hanks is an April Fools joke character made by Neo Ankh and ShinRyoga released in 2003, being a superpowered parody of the american actor. He has no collision boxes at all, thus he can be only defeated (in theory, as his attacks are all projectiles) by reversals. He attacks his opponents with posters of movies Tom Hanks himself starred in and his sole super move has him summon an exploding Beasley The Dog that kills his opponent in an one fullscreen attack.


  • The duo that made this character used to be working on conversions of Predator, Link and Tetsuo from Akira but they were all canceled. Nonetheless, they appear as a cameo in one of his introposes.

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