Pmattsmall Proofed Up Matt
The characters stance, being potrayed by Matt Lohman
Iconlife 1000 Iconpowerstock 3000
Iconattack 100 Icondefense 100
Type "A novelity character with serious gameplay"
Author Name Mike Obrecht
Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release March 8th, 2007
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Proofed Up Matt Lohman is a humorous digitized character conceived by Mike Obrecht in 2000, although not publicly released until 2007. The character is made out of digital camera images Mike took out of Matt Lohman, who potrays an alcoholic with beer-themed powers.


Matt is a bit on the slow side and lacking in combos, he however has access to a number of different ranged attacks and few of his basic moves have some unique property in them.


  • Crouching "Strong Punch" - DPY
This basic move actually puts Matt to sleep mode that gives him health as long as he doesn't get hit, and getting hit doesn't wake him up, it has to be done manually by pressing any other button before getting hit.
  • Crouching "Fierce Punch" - DPZ
This basic move has Matt get a hang-over and vomit a trap. There are no limit to how many pukes can be on the screen aside from the engine's internally set limit of helpers.
Matt pulls out a Z-Buster and can either shoot beer cans with PX, shooting larger cans by charging PX or cancel out of the stance by pressing any other button.
  • Beer Beam - QCFPY or QCFPZ
Matt does a beam attack. PY shoots straight, while PZ shoots diagonally upwards.
  • Rollin Keg - QCBP
Matt summons a rolling keg from his side of the screen. The keg is low-blockable and it's velocity is determined by the button used in the command.
  • Beer Fountain - BDDBP
Matt summons a beer fountain at a position determined by the button.
  • Tallboy Squad - QCFK
A beer-themed variation of The Sentinel Force
Matt does a Sumo Headbutt.
A beer-themed variation of Baraka's Chop-Chop blades move.
  • Spring Kick - BBBKB
Matt rolls in and does an upwards kick that launches the opponent.
  • Clockwork Punch - BBBKB
Matt rushes in, spinning his arms in a clockwork like fashion, hammerpunching his opponent arm by arm.
  • Arm-Flap - BDDBK
Matt's Flying stance. The button used in the command determines the horizontal direction Matt initially flies in. It can be canceled into any air basic attack or the Kintaro Wannabe (DK).
  • Beer Belch - HCFP
Matt's stun move. The button strength determines the delay of the belch. Note that Matt has to drink beer by taunting - adding to the "Belch charge" in order to be able to use this move.

Super Moves

Both Atomic Beer Belch and Suntrup Smash have 3 levels.

  • Atomic Beer Belch - QCFQCFP
Matt's hyper beam attack. Not too fast but fairly powerful, especially with the block damage on stronger levels.
  • Suntrup Smash - QCFQCFK
Matt's rushes in to repeatedly pummel the opponent. The opponent only has few initial frames of this super to block it, as it's actually a kind of fullscreen attack. This move is based on the incident the author has witnessed involving a camp owner's response towards a defiant camper.[1]
  • Spin Throw - QCBQCBK
Matt's rushes in for an unblockable spinning throw, altho' a number of quick attacks can beat it.


  1. "Inside Joke explainations" section of the characters' readme
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