Thanossmall Thanos
Portrait taken from Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems for the SNES
Thanos as he appears in Marvel Super Heroes
Type Conversion
Author Name CPOC and Splode (first, early MSH-centric conversion)
Also converted by Alucard (Custom version )

The_None (MSH/MVC2 Hybrid)

Origin Marvel Super Heroes/Marvel vs. Capcom 2
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2001 (Splode's version)

January 8th, 2016 (The_None's version)

Mugen Version dosMUGEN (Splode's version)

Separate winMUGEN, 1.0 and 1.1 versions (The_None's version)

Thanos is a supervillain from Marvel comics who first debuted the 1970s and gained prominence through the Infinity Gaunltet arc of the 1990s. In fighting games he debuted in Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes based on the aformentioned comic storyline as that game's final boss, with the further appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Few mugen authors have taken on converting the character from various appearances, with Splode and CPOC being the first to convert the chacater on 2001, and Alucard making a custom version of the character in 2008. The_None has notably released a mostly acurate hybrid conversion of the character in 2016 that uses his MVC2 appearance as a base while bringing back some of the moves that were exclusive to MSH, and is as of this revision the most acclaimed conversion of the character.[1]


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Command and Special Moves

Shoulder Dive
Command mid-air, DPlusKC
Properties Overhead
Description Thanos does a descending charge. It bounces back from the opponent on hit unless Thanos is close enough to the ground.
High Kick
Command BPlusKC
Properties Launcher
Notes MVC2-based conversions only
Description Thanos does a high angle kick that on combo can be used as an alternate launcher.
Death Sphere
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Projectile, Stun, Counter-mashable
Description Thanos tosses a bubble that would stun the opponent on hit, capturing him/her in a larger bubble. With proper uses can easily lead to infinites, which he very much had in the fighting games he appeared in.
Titan Crush
Command HCFPlusP (MSH-centric conversions)

QCFPlusP (MVC2-centric conversions)

Properties Projectile invulnerability frames (The_None's version)
Description Thanos charges headfirst towards his opponent in attempt to ram them. In MSH the move on hit would catalput the opponent into Thanos's direction rather than away.

Super Moves

Power Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusPZ (MSH-centric conversions)

QCFPlusPXPlusPY (MVC2-centric conversions)

Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile
Description Thanos tosses a giant fire ball at the opponent.
Reality Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusPX (MSH-centric conversions)

QCBPlusPXPlusPY (MVC2-centric conversions)

Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Thanos creates two walls that would enclose on the opponent.
Soul Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusKB (MSH-centric conversions)

QCBPlusKAPlusKB (MVC2-centric conversions)

Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Thanos attempts to catch the opponent with a lightning bolt that would drain the opponent's health back to Thanos.
Space Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusPY (MSH-centric conversions)

QCFPlusKAPlusKB (MVC2-centric conversions)

Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Thanos creaters a wormhole that would pull debris from the ground onto it, then opens up another wormhole that would drop the debris onto the opponent.
Time Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusPZ (Splode's version)

QCFPlusPXPlusPY (The_None's version)

Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile
Description In Marvel Super Heroes, Time Gem would have Thanos cast a projectile that would slow the opponent's speed by half. It has been differently intrepreted into Mugen differently by two Mugen authors:
  • Splode's version: The super provides a temporary attack/movement speed boost like a character would use a Time Gem on themselves.
  • The_None's version: Thanos casts a projectile that on hit would slow down the world except for Thanos himself. This inrepretations as most faithful intrepretation of the original MSH move as it was possible to do within the non-fullgame envoriment of the engine
Mind Gem
Command QCBQCBPlusKC (Splode's conversion)

QCFPlusPXPlusPY (The_None's conversion)

Prerequisites Two power stocks (Splode's version), One power stock (The_None's version)
Properties Projectiles (Splode's version), Counter (The_None's version)
Description In Marvel Super Heroes this move would make the controls of Thanos's opponent reverse. As this move is not possible to accurately replicate in non-fullgame mugen envoriment, the move has been intrepreted differently.
  • Splode's version: Thanos teleports away from the Arena and appears in a giant form, dropping gems onto the opponent.
  • The_None's version: A counter-super in a similar vein of Faust's Stimulating Life-Ending Fist that has Thanos split into four images of himself. If the opponent hits the "correct" image, the attack would be canceled, hitting the wrong one (or taking too long) would have Thanos drop onto the opponent with the gamma crush meteor.
Hell's Fire
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites Two power stocks
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Notes Exclusive to Splode's version
Description Mephisto appears on the arena and floods the screen with the barrage of Hellfire.


  • Unusually for The_None - an author known for custom characters - his Thanos is a rare case of the author going for the nigh-perfect accuracy with relatively little custom content inserted in.
    • In fact, the author went for accuracy so far he went to replicate the infamous Power Ball Glitch, which in MVC2 is done by making a Delayed Hyper Cancel before his Power Orb would leave Thanos's hand.
  • The Gamma Crush finish on The_None's intepretation of Mind Gem super is a subtle nod to Thanos and The Hulk being voiced by the same voice actor, Andrew Jackson.
  • Kamekaze was about to make a pure MVC2-centric conversion of Thanos, only to give up when he couldn't figure out how the Soul Gem would be programmed.


  1. Mugen Fighters Guild January Character of the month thread, where Thanos ended up being the winner of the poll.