Aliases TochiX

Years active early 2000s-ongoing
Status Active
Website Warner's Lab
Origin El Salvador
Influenced JudgeSpear

Warner Cortez - alternatively known as TochiX - is a Salvadorian spriter best known for spriting characters originated from prominent Fox Broadcasting Company-owned animated sitcoms like The Simpsons and Family Guy. For all of his spriting abilities, his coding abilities is rather limited, as displayed with most if not all of his characters being spriteswaps of other mugen creations, starting with Wario being a spriteswap of Eli's self-insert and even continuing later in his tenure, with Burns Dracula being a spriteswap of Kong's Jedah and Evil Homer being a spriteswap of Evil Ken (released half a year after Reuben Kee himself passed away, fueling the controversy even further). This tendency makes him one of the more polarizing mugen personalities.